Note: This page is rather long and detailed. If it’s more than you wish to read, at least look at the latest amazing gigapan of the Lumberton Meadow in bloom. Gigapans allow the viewer to zoom in-and-out and pan from side-to-side. Amazing!! Scroll down to compare earlier  Gigapans from 2014 and 2015

The three screenshots below are  from the same gigapan. That’s how gigpans work — you can scroll and zoom.


Click on the screenshot to see the gigqpan; full screen recommended.


Click on the image to view the July 20, 2015, gigapan;  full Sceen recommended.


yet another screenshot of the 7/20/15 gigapan. All three images link to the same gigapan.

Meadows provide habitat for butterflies, birds, and small mammals and delightful vistas for residents. Without annual mowing our meadows, farmland for over a century, would give way to pioneer trees — cedar, sweetgum, sassafras, winged sumac — and in time become forested once again. The Arboretum Oversight Committee continues to focus on the maintenance of meadow areas on both campuses.

On the Lumberton Campus a three-year rejuvenation project is underway. The meadow there is a retention basin surrounded by the homes on Woodside Drive. Water moves down the slopes from the homes to a concrete gutter which carries water downhill from the top (T) of the basin through a culvert (C) down to the bottom (B) of the basin. Water then goes through underground culverts to Powell’s Mill Run (PMR), which flows through the Lumberton Campus Nature Preserve to the South Branch of the Rancocas Creek.


Medford Leas has engaged Larry Weaner Landscape Associates as contractor and consultant for the Lumberton Campus Meadow renovation as described in this July 18, 2014, memo. Two days prior to the July 28 spraying of the meadow, resident Terry Foss created the the July 26 gigapan. Ten days after the spraying, the August 7 gigapan showed dying grass, which in closeup resembled a fur coat on the transformed meadow. The gigapan at the top of the page was taken on May 23, 2015. 


Click on image to view the May 23, 2015, gigapan. Full screen recommended.


Click on image to view the July 26, 2014, gigapan. Full screen recommended


Click on image to view the August 7, 2014, gigapan. Full screen recommended.


click on image to view the September 10, 2014, gigapan, full screen recommended

After three years the meadow should be self-sustaining. Each year the meadow will develop as plants grow and multiply to fill the space with native grasses and other native plants attractive to wildlife, residents, and guests alike. The small plan image below links to a large image which provides the ability to zoom and read the plan in detail.

Lumberton Meadow Plan

Click the image to see it large and zoom for details


The banner at the top of this page shows the Medford Campus Meadow when Coreopsis is in bloom. There the meadow is on both sides of Estaugh Way from the “Silo Entrance” (SE) on Wilkins Station Road to the intersection with Medford Leas Way (MLW). The Google Earth image below shows the North Meadow (NM), South Meadow (SM), and Katzell Grove (K).


In 2012 there was a controlled burn on the North Meadow of the Medford Campus. There are brief videos and a slideshow of the burn.